Friday, April 2, 2010

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl,

The warm weather predicted for this weekend makes me think the Golden Orfe will be spawning soon. For those of you not familiar with the whole process, step one is to drain the breeder ponds and put the breeders in a holding pool filled with cool water, which will keep them from spawning. The picture in my last post was taken when we were draining the Orfe breeders.

The video below shows me "sexing" the orfe. This sounds kinky, but it is decidedly not. Basically, you go through each breeder in the holding pool and determine if it is a male or female and separate them so you can evenly distribute them in the pools for spawning.

Going though our orfe breeders gave me hope for this year's crop. The ladies are full of eggs and the boys seem ready to do what they do best. But when aren't we eh, girls?

So here's Jim the Fishman sexing the orfe, is it wierd that my wife was the videographer?

Have a happy Easter everyone, Jim