Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hunting Creek Fisheries Launches Facebook Page

I hope you're having a good week and staying cool. We were lucky this week to see a little bit of rain. Reports around the Frederick, MD region are that corn crops and other agricultural crops are suffering so keep your farmer friends in your thoughts and remember that Rain is a Good Thing!

If you want another great way to follow Hunting Creek Fisheries, check out our Facebook page. Like us and get timely updates and topical information about ornamental goldfish, koi, golden orfe, and our exclusive blend of feed.

I know, that sounded like a commercial. I'm practicing for my big break, in case this whole fish farming gig doesn't work out.

Don't forget to send us some pictures of your HCF fish and your ponds, we'd love to see them and share them with our subscibers.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nice mention in the Gazette.net

Family fish farm handed down to fourth generation
The article features our new President Matt Klinger, and our plans for the future. "As the business's fifth president, (Matt) Klinger represents the fourth generation of his family to manage the 125-acre property."

HCF President Matt Klinger (foreground), and your blog host and HCF Production Manager, Jim "the Fishman" Shubert (photo credit: Gazette.net)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Full Circle

Can anyone say heat wave??? We've been experiencing record highs here in Frederick County, MD this week. The thermometer read 106°F yesterday at 2:00 p.m.

One good thing about working at a fish hatchery is the abundance of built-in swimming pools and a never ending supply of excuses to fall in to one of them. For the sake of fish health (and fish farmers' health) we were up at 4:00 a.m. this morning to drain a pond of this year's Golden Orfe Fry. They were out of the pond and into the building to get prepped for shipment before 10:00 a.m.!

Here's a picture of some of what we drained. Sorry for the quality of the photo, Droid didn't want to focus this morning. These are the same fry we've been following here on the blog so I thought you might enjoy seeing them all grown up. They are ~15 weeks old and measure from 3-5 inches.

For more info, check out the hatchery website at http://www.huntingcreekfisheries.com/.

I'm going swimming.